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A470 C10 - beam angle 10°

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Code: A470 C10
160 Kč
Category: LED optics
Diameter: 27
Beam angle: 10°

Lens A470 C10 is our smallest offered spot lens. Spot lenses are used in optical systems to reach a very narrow beam angle. Lens A470 is designed for small LEDs with dimension of a couple milimeters. The beam angle of A470 in a combination with Cree XP-G is 10°. You obtain a beam angle of 12,6° for lens A470 in a combination with Cree XM-L. The smaller light source is used the narrower angle is reached. If you require a beam angle below 10° you need to use bigger optics. We offer three more spot lenses and their size rises as follows: A562, A559 and A561. You can see comparison of simulation data for all our spot lenses and various LED sources in a file: Simulation results for spot lenses and various LEDs, which can be found under files for download. To reach the lowest value of the beam angle you need to use the biggest optics and the smalles light source.




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