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A011 4512 - 6 times magnifying reading magnifier

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Code: A011 4512
221 Kč
Category: LED optics
Diameter: 45
Focal distance: 35,3

Lens is designed as reading magnifier (6 times magnifying). Optimized design guarantees proper magnification from the middle to the edge of the lens without image deformation. You can buy it as magnifier among our Glass Giftware in section Crystal Glass Decoration. This lens is as well optimal for general lighting applications. Thanks to its diameter 45mm and focal length of 35mm it can be recommended for smaller lamps. You can modify the beam angle by changing distance between light source and flat lens side over the focal length. The closer you place the light source to the lens back side the bigger angle you will obtain. And on the other hand if you require a very narrow beam angle you need to place the light source in the focus of the lens. This lens gives a very sharp edge between illuminated and dark area. If you prefer more homogeneous and blurred gradient you can inspect our A904. A904 has identical aspherical side but structured flat bottom side. The structured side enables more homogenous transition as well as compensation of chromatic aberration.




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